Condo living is finally for the dogs

Condo living is finally for the dogs

The Pet Loo removes toilet hassles for dog owners living in highrise condos

By Val Cole, Vancouver Sun 

If you live in a condo, taking your dog out to do his business is a hassle at the best of times. Tobi Skovron, do-director of Pup-Pee Solutions Ltd, has developed an innovative solution for highrise dog owners.

"As someone who lives in an apartment with two dogs, Simone and I constantly faced toileting issues with them needing to go to the toilet at inconvenient times," explains Skovron about his inspiration for The Pet Loo.

"Any accidents on my balcony would rot the wooden surface and, if I was out of the apartment for more than a few hours at a time, I would worry about my carpets in case they couldn't wait. Out of need for both them and us, we decided there must be a better way!"

Tobi spent a few years hammering out the details with designers and animal behaviourists and then began distributing it from his home in Australia. The Pet Loo is now available worldwide.

The Pet Loo is a square of artificial grass that looks and feels like the real thing and sits on top of a cleverly designed drainage and collection system. It comes in different sizes (83cm, or 63cm Pee Wee), fits on the patio, balcony or even in the laundry room, bathroom or garage. There's no assembly -- just take it out of the box and it's ready for Fido's first christening. If you have several pets, just buy two or more and push them together to create a little park-like area.

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Originally developed for dogs, cat owners began telling the company of the great success they were having with the Pet Loo for their cats, so Skovron developed a slightly smaller Kitty Kat Pet Loo (53 cm). Perfect for rabbits and even guinea pigs, too!

Teaching pets to use the Pet Loo is similar to regular toilet training. Simply keep your pet on the Pet Loo until it relieves itself, then shower him with praise. The best time to try would be first thing in the morning when you know they're full.

"It's all about surface association," Skovron explains.

"The grass acts as a familiar surface for the pet to go to the toilet on, so by them jumping up on the Pet Loo, it instantly translates to them as a surface they recognize for toileting. Once the first "wee" is done, then it becomes a territory game."

Cleaning it is almost as simple as using it. In order to keep the grass in top condition, pour some warm water on to the grass daily and dump the contents of the collection jug into the toilet. Bowel movements can simply be picked up and flushed down the toilet as well. Then, once a week, hose the grass down in the shower. "The Pet Loo is designed to repel liquids," says Skovron. "The entire product is non-porous so nothing is absorbed and there's no smell." Don't use your regular household cleaners on the Pet Loo, though, because the smells will likely deter your dog -- which completely defeats the purpose of buying one in the first place.

The Pet Loo doesn't come cheap (between $200 - $400), but can you put a price on sleeping in on the weekends?

To get some helpful training tips, prices and to find out where you can buy the Pet Loo, go to

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