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Where did the service go? In an industry where the average commission is $6500 why is it OK to sit back, do little to no work and wait for the cheques to roll in?

As a Realtor is shocks me what I see some times: Lock Boxes used when they are not necessary-one could argue they are never necessary but that is a different topic. Allowing owners or even tenants to show properties. No care or effort put into presentation, marketing, staging or even cleaning.

 This week I had three showings with a client that were all and example or poor service. I would surmise that the lack of service is probably a good reason the three homes have not sold in months.

Property #1 was on Lock Box and was absolutely disgusting. You could tell the only reason it was on Lock Box was because the listing agent didn’t want to be there. We walked in and had no desire to remove our shoes or even proceed much past the front door. We stepped over cigarette butts on the floor, stained carpets and rotting food on the counters. Next Please.

Property #2 the tenants were to show us the property-with their huge, snarling dog, I love dogs but this was a bit much for my clients. The biggest problem with tenants showing properties is that they don’t want the home to sell; if it house sells they have to move and probably pay more rent. This was a very enjoyable showing for both me and my clients as the tenant proceeded to pick apart the house and tell us every little thing wrong with it-while smoking. Next Please.

Property #3 the owner was supposed to let us in. This is always an awkward situation as the potential Buyers often don’t feel comfortable talking freely about the home with the owner present. Luckily, that was not the case in this situation because the owner didn’t bother to show up and we didn’t get to view the home. I guess you could call them motivated sellers? Next Please.

What I am trying to say with these three examples is simply: you pay your realtor a lot of money to sell your home. If they are not present how are they earning their commission? Our job as Realtors is to present your home to perspective Buyers in the best light possible. Getting to the home early to turn on the lights and put down the toilet seats is a part of our job whether we (as Realtors) like it or not. Next time you interview a Realtor ask them what they are going to do to proactively sell your home. Hint: Putting your home on MLS or is not the correct answer. If they are going to slap on a lockbox and wait for the phone to ring you may want to get a second opinion. On the other hand if they have an aggressive marketing plan and are actually going to show your property they might be a good choice.

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