D.I.Y to Success! Do it Yourself


Everyone wants a high return on investment when selling their home. Here are a few helpful tips, in order to boost your homes current value. So, dust off your tool belt! because these D.I.Y's are quick, easy and a sure fire way to increase your profit by investing a little sweat equity.

1) Freshen Up the Walls 
If your walls have scratches and dirty paint, an outdated color or tacky wallpaper, a few cans of paint can make a dramatic difference. Choose a neutral color scheme that unifies the entire house, makes the space look bigger and will appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers. 

2) Install Crown Molding
This task is surprisingly simple but adds a lot of character. You simply buy the molding, cut it to the size that fits your room (or have the store cut it for you), and attach it to the top of the wall with a nail gun. It may even come already painted.

3)Update Fixtures
Switch plates, outlet covers, curtain rods, light fixtures and doorknobs are often boring or overlooked, but a few bucks can add major pizzazz.  Sometimes you can make an inexpensive light fixture look elegant with the right can of spray paint. 

4)Install Ceiling Fans
Everyone likes to save money on electricity bills, making ceiling fans an appealing addition to any home. Using ceiling fans can definitely cut down on air conditioning costs, and in fact, they can also reduce heating costs by circulating warm air away from the ceiling. 

5)Replace the Front Door Mat
When you've had the same doormat for years, it can be easy to overlook how worn out or dirty it's become, but it's one of the first impressions people get of your home. This is one area where $20 can make a big difference.

6)Power wash the Exterior of Your Home
For less time and money, a good washing can make your home's exterior look almost as good as a fresh coat of paint. 

7)Upgrade Landscaping or Clean Up Existing Landscaping 
Flowers and other plants are a great way to brighten your home's exterior. Use greenery in front of your house and/or along walkways to draw attention to your house. To get the most for your buck, choose perennial plants, or ones that will come back year after year.

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