Decorating Ideas for the Apartment Balcony

Do you have a big balcony, but lack a plan for how to fill it? Or maybe your balcony is tiny, but you'd like to decorate it stylishly anyway. Read on for some top tips on filling up your balcony with tasteful accoutrements so you can fully enjoy your outdoor space.

Sit for a spell

A crucial component of balcony décor is the seating. It's hard to hang out on your balcony for long periods of time if you're always standing. To encourage use of your balcony, provide seating. If you only have a small space to work with, consider multipurpose seating like a storage bench (with matching planters) that can store your extra items and provide a great place to relax as well. If you don't need the storage space, a cute bistro set offers both seating opportunities and a place to put things-you might even find yourself having breakfast outside on the patio for the first time ever.

Plant it up

Balcony gardening is always popular among apartment dwellers. Whether you're into large or small containers, trellises, or window boxes, patio or balcony gardening is a great way to lend color and excitement to your outdoor space. It's also a good way to get yourself outside. If you don't find yourself using your balcony much, add a few plants and some seating and see if you start spending more time outside. The more you like your balcony surroundings, the harder you'll work to keep improving them. Make your own unique containers for gardening, and work on using a variety of colors in your planting. Whether you like richly colored trees, bright little marigolds, or hardy hostas, a little planting will go a long way toward making your balcony a more attractive and appealing place to be.

Fence it in

Fencing is usually thought of as something that contains or separates, but you can add it to your balcony simply for decoration as well. Your balcony, especially if you're not on the first floor, probably already features a barrier of some type for safety reasons. However, that doesn't mean you can't add more attractive or taller fencing to increase the style and privacy of your balcony. Since balconies are small, you might be able to get a good deal on scrap fencing. Check your local craigslist for postings advertising leftover fencing parts, or ask local garden stores. You can easily make your own fence if you're ambitious, or repaint readymade fences to make them your own. Look into bamboo fencing for something really different, or go with a traditional picket fencing look.

Keep in mind that fencing doesn't just have to divide the balcony from the rest of the world-you can put it against the wall for decoration or as a place to grow vines, or use it to divide two halves of the balcony from each other-the grilling side from the gardening side, for example, Get creative and have fun with your fencing!

Great seating, pretty plants in cute containers and fun fencing are just the starting points for a beautiful balcony. Once you have these fundamentals in place, add accessories like cute outdoor sculptures, birdhouses, outdoor lighting, or even specially designed, weather-resistant outdoor art prints. There are many ways to make your outdoor space fun and enjoyable, so don't wait another day before decorating your balcony!

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