Delta And Ladner Remembers..

  As a World War II war baby, I was well aware oif my family's service to nation: father and his two brothers in the Canadian Navy and their sister I believe in the WRENs, and their father, my grandfather in World War I and one that received a very polite and respectful letter of decline when he tried to enlist in the Canadian army in World War II.  I was also very well aware that in my small part of the world, my city block where I grew up in Vancouver, this same scenario was replayed an almost astonishing amount of times, such was the commitment that Canadians across Canada felt.  For all my life I respected these men and the women who fearfully awaited their safe return.  The men, in small, quiet talk, would explain a bit of what they experienced so as to not overly upset the curious youngsters who gathered to listen.  Most of them have passed away, but I still hold each one of them dear to me and heros to Canada.

  My newly adopted village of Ladner is no different.  Small in population, true, but the cenotaph in town bears mute testimony to the numbers of men who served overseas and the number of them that did not return.  On Tuesday of next week, November 11th, Remembrance Day, the populace of Ladner will line the main street and watch the veterans, bands, serving members, and other service groups as they parade, rain or shine, to the memorial service.  If you would like to experience the closeness of our community, then come to the service.  Get here early.  It is very heavily attended.  Yours in remembrance,  George Rust.

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