Do Open Houses Seriously Work??


NAR (National Association of Realtors in the States) reports that one in four hundred home sell directly from an Open House. The most important part of that stat is that ONE HOME SELLS.

As marketers we have no idea want is going to sell your home or where the Buyer for your home is going to come from all we know is that they are out there and we are going to find them. If we knew then our job would be very easy.

Open Houses are a crucial part of our 30 point market plan that is designed to expose you home Locally, Nationally and Internationally. 

If a Realtor says they don't do Open Houses, they aren't working for you-just talking their weekends off.

-Just my opinion of course...

Craig Rushton | CENTURY 21 In Town Realty | 604.505.6503

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