Don't Toss Your Home Along With Your Relationship

Hey Vancouver, a shout-out from your divorce real estate specialist!

Yes, finally, a discreet and unbiased real estate service that truly serves separating or divorcing clientele.

Love is fabulous. But it doesn’t always endure. If you and your partner are separating, I can help you ascertain the best course of action with respect to jointly owned real estate assets.

Often, when couples separate, the matrimonial home becomes the focal point of discontent and the asset is often not given a careful valuation, nor consideration as to whether it should even be sold.

Situations of separation and divorce require advisors who possess specialized skills and knowledge. Realtors who are not divorce specialists will have a limited understanding of the separation and divorce process, as well as the emotional toll. Even if they have experienced their own relationship breakdown, their knowledge and experience would be limited unless they work mainly with separating couples. Moreover, most realtors have a limited personal interest in supporting couples going through a life-changing event.

Individuals going through a marital breakdown are grappling with many emotional and psychological issues that make it difficult to focus objectively on practical decisions such as asset division. Family and friends are likely to be distressed, biased and uninformed. Psychotherapists and religious advisors will have limited scope in real estate matters. You may not be ready to consult a divorce lawyer if you are hoping for reconciliation. But you do need advice. Even just one conversation. I can help you sort out your emotions and priorities so you can focus on obtaining the highest and best value or usage for your real estate holdings.

My role complements your legal advisor’s role, if you retain one, and I can coordinate with him or her, should you wish. However, I report to you and my specialty scope pertains mainly to your real estate interests.

Do I pick sides? No. I am an impartial real estate consultant and can collaborate with both of you. The more you are open to advice and mediation, the greater the chance of achieving the highest and best outcome for your joint assets…and not looking back with regret.

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