Dunbar in demand!

Anybody that lives in Dunbar can tell you what a fantastic neighbourhood it is. Close to some of the best public and private schools the city has to offer, as well as parks large and small, great shopping and excellent restaurants.

They probably also know that it's one of the hottest housing markets in the country!

Last month (October 2013) There were 81 listings, and 30 sold. That's a sales ratio of 37.04%!!

Allow me to explain Sales Ratio% & Official Market Type

What is Sales Ratio Percent?

The percentage of which the current inventory of homes are selling.

The Formula:

Sales for the month divided by Active Listings equals % of homes selling.

Examples of Sales Ratio Calculations:

10% Sales Ratio = 1 in 10 homes selling

33% Sales Ratio = 1 in 3 homes selling

54% Sales Ratio = 1 in 2 homes selling

Official Market Types (Metro & Greater Vancouver)

Market Type          Sales Ratio

Sellers Market             21% & Greater

Balanced Market         15 to 20%

Buyers Market             14% & Less

Right now (Thursday November 7,2013 11:23am PST) there are 87 active listings in Dunbar. That means that 33 homes will be sold this month! Will yours be one of them? Or will you be one of the lucky new Home Owners?

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