Easy ways to stage your home to sell!

One of the most important things to do when preparing to sell your home is to stage it properly.  This does not necessarily mean you have to go out and hire a professional to do this for you (although there are many excellent companies available in Vancouver that provide these types of services).  Usually the realtor you choose to list your home will make some suggestions as to what you can do to make your home show well.  You may think some of the things are insignificant to a buyer; however, first impressions are important and you want buyers leaving with a positive feeling about the property! Here are some easy tips:

Edit furniture - Rearrange furniture if necessary to create easy traffic flow, and if it's overcrowding the space or making the room feel small then consider removing it

De-clutter - If your shelves and bookcases are crowded then try removing half the items (temporarily box them up and keep in a storage room or elsewhere in the home), be especially careful to keep kitchen and bathroom countertops clean and tidy (less is more!) If you have young children put away toys or neatly store them so they're out of sight.

De-personalize - Too many personal items insight can make it difficult for prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the home. Remove certificates, diplomas, collectibles, trophies and family photos

Clean (really clean) - Do a thorough cleaning of your home to make sure everything is clean and looking its best. Polish, vacuum, dust...windows, appliances, door handles, mirrors, tubs, etc. If you don't have time then consider hiring a cleaning company.

Be bright - Replace any burnt out light bulbs and use the maximum wattage permitted. Keep lights turned on for showings and open curtains and blinds.

Get fresh - Consider having the carpets cleaned and washing fabric furniture covers or drapes to remove any odours and give your home a fresh clean scent. Before showings avoid preparing any strong-smelling foods (unless perhaps you're baking cookies?)

Re-think colours - Although paint colour on the walls is an easy thing to change, some buyers have difficulty looking past it and it can be distracting when viewing the property. Lighter and more neutral tones are usually favoured, opposed to bright and bold colours.  Speak to your realtor and ask for his/her opinion and if it's worth the cost and time of repainting.

Lastly, think about who your prospective buyers are.  Are you selling a home in a community with young urban professionals or a quiet neighbourhood of detached single-family homes? Think about the lifestyle the buyer is looking for. Is the buyer more likely single, a couple, or a growing family with children?  Think of ways you can make your home more attractive to the type of buyers that will be coming through.

When in doubt, you can always consult a professional staging company to take care of the work for you.  There are many companies providing staging services in Greater Vancouver.

For more information about Vancouver real estate, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Sarah Pouttu
Century 21 In Town Realty

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