FAQ: How can I create curb appeal to help sell my home?

Curb appeal counts when staging your home to sell! 

Here are a few easy and affordable tips to spruce up your home so it looks its best when you go to list...

  1. Clean glass sliding doors, windows and glass on balconies.  
  2. Power wash your driveway and walkway--you won’t believe how much better they’ll look! (If you don’t have a power washer try asking a neighbour).  
  3. Use a broom to sweep away any cobwebs under roof overhangs and under porches
  4. Sweep patios and rake away fallen leaves.  
  5. Mow the lawn!
  6. Remove unwanted weeds in the yard and tidy up the flowerbeds.  
  7. Edit out items that don’t belong on a porch or patio (children’s toys, empty flower pots, extra furniture, etc).
  8. Tidy up shoes that are left outside the front door and clean the front mat.
  9. Have a barbecue or outdoor fire pit in your backyard? Clean it up so you can showcase an outdoor entertaining space.
  10. Clean patio furniture.
  11. Replace old hardware. If the address numbers, mailbox, light fixture, etc. are looking old and worn, consider a trip to Home Depot.
  12. Clean door fixtures with metal polish.
  13. Install outdoor lighting. Showings are often scheduled for the late afternoon or evening, when buyers are off work. Consider adding some low-voltage landscape lighting to your garden or to illuminate a walkway.
  14. Create a welcoming entrance by adding a colourful flowers in hanging baskets or planters. Wrong season? Consider adding a seasonal wreath to your front door with.
  15. Front door in need of a paint job?  A fresh coat of paint, perhaps in a bold and new colour, can make your home stand out and give a great and memorable first impression.

Remember, the overall impression of your home is important!  When staging your home, don’t get so caught up with the interior that you neglect the exterior.  These are simple and affordable ways to improve your home's curb appeal. Your time and efforts will be worth it when your home lookts its best for potential buyers!

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Sarah Pouttu
Century 21 In Town Realty

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