Fall 2010 Weather Outlook from the Weather Network

I was going through the internet this morning and while checking the weather for the day on the Weather Network I came across their predicted forecast for this Fall. I thought it would be interesting to pass along. Thanks El Niño!

"British Columbia
Temperatures for the fall period are expected to be near normal with the exception of the north coast of BC where temperatures are expected to be below normal. The north coast will also experience lower than normal precipitation while the south coast will see higher than normal precipitation. The rest of the province can expect near normal precipitation.

Alberta and Saskatchewan
Both provinces can expect a very typical fall season with near normal temperatures and precipitation."


Temperature Forecast

Precipitation Forecast

Average temperatures

Average Precipitation


Near normal

Above normal

High 14
Low 7
Mean 10

347 mm


Near normal

Above normal

High 14
Low 6
Mean 10

253 mm


Near normal

Near normal

High 11
Low -2
Mean 4

72 mm


Near normal

Near normal

High 9
Low -3
Mean 3

85 mm

For more information on this and the Fall outlook for the rest of Canada, please click the URL below.


Source: www.theweathernetwork.com

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