First Time Home Buyers Guide Vancouver – Episode 3 How to Hire a Realtor! Video Blog by Vancouver Realtor, Mike Stewart.

First Time Home Buyers Guide Vancouver – Episode 3 How to Hire a Realtor!

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In Episode 2 of the Vancouver First Time Home Buyers Guide we talked about how to figure out where to buy. Once you have decided on neighbourhood, it’s time to select a Realtor.

Google it, Baby!

To get started, Google the names of the neighbourhoods you are focusing on in combination with “Real Estate’ or “Realtor” to get an idea of which Realtors are putting effort into the ir web-marketing. Chances are, the more effort they’re putting into their online presence, the more effort they’ll put effort into your search.

Interview Time!

Meeting a Realtor in action is very good way to interview. Visit an Open House held by Realtors you’re interested in working with is a great low pressure way to meet them and see if you click. Ask them lots of questions!

This is what you should be looking for in a Realtor:

  • Local Knowledge, experience, and results (i.e. Sales in the area)
  • Professional – Answers calls and emails promptly, politely & pleasantly,
  • Up to date web based research tools for Real Estate

I Can Help!

If you don’t find a Realtor with the above process or you don’t have time to find one, feel free to give me a call. I have a great network of good Realtors across Greater Vancouver that can help you with your search.

I welcome your questions and thoughts in the form of a comment.  Click on this link to Mike's video blog and scroll down to leave your comments. 

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