For Sellers - Lowball Offers - How to Avoid them and what to do if you get one

If you're selling a property in Vancouver right now there is a very good chance you have received or will receive a lowball offer. This video explains how to avoid a low ball offer and what to do if you receive one.

What is a lowball offer?

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Why are lowball offers so common right now?

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Real Estate prices in Vancouver are falling at present. Buyers are worried they will buy a property that will be worth less tomorrow than what they paid for it today. Lowball offers are common right now because it allows Buyers to get the best possible value and potentially get ahead of predicted declines in price.

How a can a Seller avoid getting a lowball offer?

DON'T overprice your property! If you want a good offer, you have to have a good fair price price based on market reality! A property that is priced according to market value will have a far less chance of getting lowballed. A Seller who prices their property were the market is at (not where it was 3-6 months ago!) will have more than one interested buyer and will have the market power to get a lowballer to come up or to wait for other interested buyers.

What should a Seller do if they get a lowball offer?

Don't angry, get even with a good counter offer! A Seller should always give a counter offer to a lowball offer. Why do I say this? Because you as the Seller never know if the buyer is bluffing. If they are bluffing they are not serious and they will go away. If the Buyer isn't bluffing there is a very good chance after some negotiation that they Buyer will accept a price that works for the Seller.



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