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A property will attract much more interest if it shines above other comparable properties on the market. I suggest that you nor be weary of investing too much time and money into a house if you want the home to move quickly and sell for maximum profit. It is possible to make your home attractive to potential buyers at minimum cost without renovation and redecoration.

First impressions are usually very judgmental by buyers if they do not like the outside of the home they probably will not be impressed with the inside. In real estate this is called curb appeal. The following are some of the things you should do prior to putting your home on the market: mow that lawn, fertilize flowers and plants at least a month prior to putting on a For Sale sign, add some new flowers, and trim hedges/shrubs. Your garage should be free of clutter, on the outside and the inside, make sure you clean the floor wiping up any oil spots, and the garage door should open smoothly and efficiently, oil all working components. Remove all items cluttering the yard, no debris should be visible not even a gum wrapper. Recycle all that can be recycled, have a yard sale to get rid of things that would clutter yard, house, and garage. If you have a pet make sure that all pet excrement is removed daily, when that sign goes up. Curb APPEAL!

You want your home to sell for maximum price? Paint the outside, a few thousand dollars can have returns of $15,000+. If you do not want to paint, or cannot afford to paint all of the house consider painting the trim, or at least rent a power washer and power wash the home. There should never be any broken windows or loose boards in the façade of the home, or anywhere else. Spend $100, less than that, and paint or stain that fence, and the front /back porches should be free of clutter and freshly painted, it makes a heck of a difference.

Sound like a lot of work? Not if it means 30-60 thousand dollars more than you would of received, or maybe you don't want that extra money? I take contributions. Now that the exterior is, brought up to snuff, lets go to the interior.

Again a fresh coat of paint, light in colour on the walls. The trim should be painted at the very least. No squeaky doors or floors, you can loose thousands of dollars on these two items alone. SPOTLESS interior free of clutter in all rooms especially in the kitchen and the bathrooms. All counters should be free of all small appliances, knick-knacks, and personal awards/rewards/items. Kitchen should be free of grease especially in/on the hood-fan above the stove. Make this part of your home the brightest, no burnt out light-bulbs any where in the house. Buyers tend to view the kitchen as a focal point of their purchase since they will be spending time in this room with their family and friends. Keep curtains /blinds open allowing in as much natural light as possible.

The other focal point is the bathrooms, make sure that no soap scum, dirt, mildew on tile, replace any cracked or broken tile, toilet paper pieces on the floor (kids), or any other debris is anywhere to be found in this room. Replace shower curtains, no odour should be detected at any time. This room must be bright, sparkle, and cheery.

Closets must have only your wardrobe, on hangers please, no clutter hide it under the bed if you really have to. Beds should be made always, and laundry in your laundry room in the laundry basket.

Now we are ready to list your home. I would advise that you view homes that are your competition in your neighbourhood. Get involved with what is happening in the neighbourhood, with which home sold and for how much above or below the asking price.

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