Fresh Look Vancouver - One Stop Reno Shopping! April 13th 1-4pm

What do you get when you bring together a room of like-minded individuals with a passion for homes and renovations? Fresh Look Vancouver. This trade show is the brainchild of local realtor Ashley Avinashi, who together with mortgage broker Jacqueline Baker, wanted to create a niche environment where homeowners could get themselves renovation-ready. “We’re helping homeowners and buyers learn about the art of renovations, find credible product and service suppliers,” says Avinashi, “and a place to ask questions and share.” The pair has brought together a select group of vendors, each of whom they have worked with and each specific to a different area of renovation.

Attendees can learn about the latest green tech- nology when it comes to home renovations and take advantage of supplier discounts. The second annual Fresh Look Vancouver takes place April 13 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Creekside Community Centre in the Olympic Village. Admission is by donation, with proceeds benefit- ing our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Whether you’re in the planning stages, or even just contemplating a renovation, Avinashi and Baker hope this event provides “one-stop shopping” and a forum to explore and share ideas. For more info, visit

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