Hello everyone its that time of year again Gay Pride week , lots and lots of fun in the West End and around Davie and Denman , I enjoy the people and the food and the parade as well, Although its not as big as Torontos Gay Pride Parade ,but its amazing how far along the sterotypes and discrimination has come along way of the gay community . I for one am a visable minority myself so I know alot about discrimination . but I dont let it get me down . One of my best friends in Toronto is gay ,and I remember the day  he told me he was gay! I told him that not matter what I still loved him as a friend and see him no different even if he wasn't its a great day for every one to unite as one , and I hope that everyone has a good time and that the weather is suppose to be good but you never know with Vancouver weather one mintue its hot ,the next  its windy and cold . HAVE FUN ALL..

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