This is the most historic area of Vancouver. Where the bustling downtown of Vancouver started. the name came from a Seaboat Captain named Jack Deighton. "Gassy" Jack Deighton as they would call him. He opend the area's frist saloon. He was "Gassy' for his long-winded stories. Some were true and some were embelished. The name stuck and today we still talk of him and have a statue in his honour on the corner of Water/Powell and Carrall.

This was a rip-roaring community in the late 1800's. It held it's ground until the Great Depression of the 1930's. Then it sank into despair until the 1960's. There was a plan to build a highway into the city core and destroying many of the historic buildings in it's path. Interest groups lobbied heavily against it and held the plans at bay. Gastown became a designated historic centre in 1971. 

This is truly the oldest history that Vancouver has left. Many of the buildings have been given the 'Heritage' designation. Cobblestone streets and a few oddly shaped buildings give an impression of some other historic world neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods like Soho, New York and The Mission District, San Fransisco.

You can hear the 'Steam Clock' wail at 12:00 noon everyday to the tune of 'Ooooh-Ca-na-da'.


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