Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Once you have made the decision to sell your home, the time comes to view your beloved space as more of a house. Naturally we all present our homes as a specific reflection of our lives. We proudly hang photos of family and friends, good times and precious memories. Now, however, comes the time to neutralize the way we show our home, so that prospective buyers can envision themselves in the space.

Do yourself a favour by watching a couple of the HGTV-type shows about selling houses. You may find some invaluable tips. Imagine yourself walking into and through your house with the eyes of a prospective buyer. It could prove to be 'eye-opening' indeed. We tend to become accustomed to the way our home looks from day to day. So much so that we fail to see some of the basic details that can really be a turn off.

Here is a check list I like to use when I list a property to help you before putting your house on the market:

Curb Appeal: First things first. When you drive up to your house - what does it look like? Could you plant some flowers? Tidy up the yard? Is it welcoming? First impressions are very important.

Lighting: A brightly lit house is an invitation to feel at home. Dark corners are a put off. Proudly display your home.

Take Care of Details: Now that the lights are all turned on - do you see anything that can be repaired. A dripping faucet, missing light switch covers and dirty windows can easily be put right. Other people see the details you live with every day.

De-clutter & Clean: This step is probably the most important of them all. What we find comfortable to live in is not always what buyers want to see. Clear away as many personal items as you can. Rent a storage unit for the short term if you must. Your final sale price will more than make up for it. Also - keep your house clean. When your house is on the market, showings can happen at any time. Keep on top of vacuuming, bathroom cleanliness and kitchen counter mess. This will also help to keep the stress levels down.

Children & Animals: I think it was W.C. Fields that said he wouldn't work with them - and as much as we love them - they don`t help to show a house. If possible make sure that pet areas are cleaned up or put away entirely. Children`s play areas and bedrooms should be pristine. And, if possible, the little darlings should be elsewhere during a showing.

Closets and Storage Areas: You may be inclined to stash your mess in your closets or basement storage areas. The fact is that prospective buyers want to see how big and functional these spaces are. If they are over-full or disorganized, the buyer will think they aren't big enough for your belongings and therefore not big enough for theirs.

Leave it to the Professionals: As your realtor, I will generally ask that the seller not be present for the showings. In my experience I have found that the buyer is less authentic when the seller is there. 

Aromatics: The smart seller knows the effects of a good-smelling home. Be careful not to use over-powering air fresheners. Remember that many people have allergies to strong scents. Instead, some home baking will stir feelings of relaxation and comfort in prospective buyers.

Once you have checked off this list, you can be sure that you have done the utmost in preparing your home for the market. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask me. It's important that we maintain a collaborative approach. The object of the exercise is to get you the maximum profit in the shortest time possible, and to minimize any inconvenience to you. It`s all going towards getting the highest dollar for your home. 

Good luck!


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