Good News for Vancouver and Wavefront


As a leader in wireless technology, Downtown Vancouver's Wavefront has just been chosen to receive a Federal grant.
5 canadian Research and Development centres have been selected and will share 6.1 million dollars until 2016 - Wavefront will be responsible, as national resource hub, to connect new companies to established multinationals, to the academic community, to investors and to wireless associations.
As well as that new 11.6 million grant, Wavefront has already been selected to receive 11 million from other government, university and industrial sectors.
Within a world-wide wireless technology of over 1 trillion dollars, Wavefront will ensure the success of canadian companies on a global level while tapping in the future wave of wireless innovations and direct our economic strategy.
Well done Wavefront ! 
Sylvie Lalumiere
Century21 In Town Realty, Vancouver
604 805-4526

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