Grouse Mountain is getting a WIndmill Generator tomorrow July 3rd watch for it! A World's First!

Watch the sky's over Grouse mountain tomorrow morning for a 300 foot Windmill being installed on top of the Peak ski run. Not sure exactly what the timing is, but I am sure you wont miss hearing the Helicopters flying around with equipment...sure to be a site! We heard that this Windmill will generate about 20% of the mountains energy. Also you will be allowed (for a price) to be able to take a tour to the top a Worlds First Windmill on a ski hill with a ride built in.

If you haven't been up to the top of Grouse Mountain in the summer I strongly suggest you make the time...what a fantastic place to visit on a sunny day. There is soo much to do from hiking,Grouse Grind, zip lines, lumber jack show, Fine Dining, taking the peak chair to the top of the mountain 3700 feet above sea level, and of course the GRIZZLIES..very cool

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