Gyoza King – Great West End Japanese Flavour

Hello West End food lovers

   A friend and I went out for dinner the other night and we were very much craving some Japanese food so we head to one of my favourite spot at the bottom end of Robson Street.  Gyoza King is located at 1508 Robson Street and is open for lunch & dinner every night of the week.  Gyoza King is a very small Japanese izakaya style restaurant that seats fewer than 30 people and can have a very long wait during its busy time but so worth it for the food.  The style of food consist mostly of Japanese tapas and small plates which is perfect for sharing, they also have many choices for soups and noodle combinations, be sure to always check the daily feature sheet as that’s where you will discover new and wonderful flavours.

   This time around there was just 2 of us and we decided to get a bunch of dishes to share.  We started with of course some Edamame which is a must have for me every visit to a Japanese restaurantJ.  There are a few other staples that I must get every visit to Gyoza King and that is there Ebi Mayo which is tempura prawns covered in this amazing sauce, the other item is there to die for prawn/pork/chive Gyoza…..this is the real reason I come here……so good.  We decided to try a couple of new dishes this time around and ordered the Octopus Balls…..which I was unaware that they had hahahaha.  Also we decided on there Tuna Sashimi plate that had 3 types of tuna and the flavours were so delicious and melted in your mouth.  We topped the dinner off with sharing a large Asahi beer and tea.

   This was not my first time and will not be my last time visiting Gyoza King, our meal that night we perfect, the service is always friendly and helpful with our bill coming to under $50.  I highly recommend you try this West End gem.  Want to share your favorite West End restaurant with me? Email me at



Blog and Restauraunt review provided by: Adam Knight

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