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I just got off the phone with Kyle McGauchie. Kyle is the president of Century 21 Riverside in Kamloops and the president of Century 21 Sunpeaks. When it comes to Real Estate in the Interior of British Columbia, this guy knows his stuff.

Kyle had some interesting things to say , as always. Kamloops, like everywhere, is experiencing a slow down in this current market. One of the things that we talked about in depth was the rental market in Kamloops.

An interesting thing about the Kamoops economy is that many of thye industries in Kamloops rely, heavily, on transient labour. Industries such as, Forestry, agriculture and the new University. Many of this workforce are well paid but generally don't buy in Kamloops but prefer to rent.

This means that if you own an investment property in Kamloops you are going to be able to rent your place right now and people are going to line up to rent it. This is in a market where $350,000 buys you a renovated 3 bedroom house on a half acre plot. Very Good value!!

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