Home Safety on Halloween

Home Safety on Halloween


Don’t let your home turn into a spooktacular place just because it’s Halloween. Decorations are great and festive, but sometimes they can get out of hand, making your home an easier target for unsafe situations, including burglaries. Here are some ways that you can prepare your home and your family during trick or treating season, and most importantly on the big night.

#1 - Make sure to check that your smoke alarm system is working properly. Often times Jack-O-Lanterns and other Halloween decor require a burning candle that can sometimes cause problems at home. Check to make sure that your jack-o-lantern candles are well snuffed out before going to bed for the night.

#2 - Fireworks safety. Thirty percent of injuries are caused by illegal or homemade fireworks, according to a recent press release. The Vancouver police are reminding people that fireworks are only allowed to be used on October 31. They may only be discharged on private property, you must have a permit to use them, be 19 years old or older and carry ID on you while in possession of them.

#3 - Report any suspicious behavior to the police. Don't let an uncomfortable situation with late night revelry get out of hand. Especially when you have children and pets to consider.

#4 - The SPCA is advising to keep your pets inside and as calm as possible with all the activities of the evening. Perhaps putting pets in a separate room, if your shelling out, with a TV or radio on to keep them distracted from the door visitors and noises.

#5 - When you've run out of candy, put a sign on your door so that trick or treaters know not to come knocking. If it's getting later and all that seem to be coming to the door are teenagers, it's probably time to close it all down. Turn out all outdoor lights and snuff out pumpkin candles.

#6 - If you have kids going out to trick or treat, make sure they have reflective aspects to their costuming, make sure they can move well, see properly and are warm enough. Glow sticks are a simple solution - you can get the bracelets, hanging sticks or necklaces. Never let them go out without a supervising adult with a flashlight. Make sure to check all their goodies before letting them eat any of their treats. If you want to avoid tummy aches in the night, be sensible about the amounts of treats you allow them to consume until the treats are all gone, days later.

#7 - Have fun and be aware! If you are active in your neighbourhood as far as shelling out and recognizing children from your street, this helps everyone feel safe and allows for more fun than fear for the little ones. Your head is out your door for half the night - so keep your eyes open for anything that looks out of place or dangerous. Your neighbours will thank you for it.

If you have any other helpful safety tips for the night, please pass them along. It all helps to keep our kids safe and enjoy being a part of our community. Have a ghoulishly good Halloween!


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