Home Sale activity stays below historical April sale

According to the data from The Real Esate Board of Greater Vancouver, there are not as many as usual buyers out there right now, it shows last month was the lowest April sale since 2001. However if compare to 2 months ago, there are certainly more of them than there were. 

Higher prices, sofer Chinese enconomy, financing, tougher immigration regulations are all contribute to less demands. as President of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, Sandra Wyant said "While the number of home sales remains below average, properties that are priced right are selling,” 

 Compare sales in 2013 March - April   to sales 2012 March - April:

 Apr 2013 / Mar 2013  Apr 2013 / Apr 2012
Overall Sales +11.9% -6.1% 
Detached +13.9% -5.5% 
Townhome +18.3% +5.8% 
Apartment +7.1% -11.6%
New Listings +21.4% -3.0%
Current Listings +8.2% +1.2%

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