"Home" for Christmas in Vancouver's West End.

With the Holiday season just around the corner the traditional slow down in the real estate market has had a surprising bump in activity over the last week in the West End area - dependent on the type and price of active properties.

Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park is dressed for the season

Some of our listings that have been quiet for the past three weeks are now receiving steady calls and requests for viewings.  New listings are still appearing this late in the season causing some to ask: "Why?"

These usually appear for several reasons - life changes, employment shift or simply time to up or downsize.  You would also be surprised how many sellers will wait on the sidelines to see what a similar property in their area generates in both activity and selling price.  This at times is the last piece of the puzzle on whether to sell a home - regardless - the time of year.  There are always buyers in the marketplace that will recognize good value and are willing to act on a property as interest rates remain a major factor in home purchases.

The West End is just about into full swing for the holiday season - lights and decorations are appearing daily throughout the community - the West End Community Center has all their events planned to entertain both kids and adults alike and of course the city's largest treed Christmas light display at English Bay will come to life on December 1st - at the foot of Bidwell and Beach Avenue.  Worth a visit with the family.   Lost Lagoon also gets into the spirit - picture above.

Currently there are 189 active listings on the MLS for the West End area - and remember the West End does include some major high end properties in the downtown core.  There are 78 listings due to expire at the end of December and of these 37 went through at least one price reduction throughout their listing term - time on the market.  The balancing act continues.

Contact me anytime with questions or comments on what the future may hold if you are considering buying or selling a home.  I am not one to make predictions - but trends can be useful and statistics provide a great resource - it really is simply a matter of what you need or desire - and most importantly - when.

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