Is there a role for a divorce real estate specialist in Vancouver?

To paraphrase Steve Jobs, "Often customers don't really know what they want." In the real estate market, the same could be said about clients, and in particular those undergoing life transitions.

As a divorce real estate specialist, I am focused on consulting with couples or individuals who are in the process of going through a divorce or who were recently divorced. Too often couples dispose of their real estate holdings at a loss, largely due to a lack of unbiased counsel and a tendency to make decisions while experiencing intense emotions. My goal as a divorce real estate specialist is to help clients avoid experiencing this fate.

My approach is similar to that of an advisor, unbiased and fair to both parties, as this helps build trust in order to achieve a succesful outcome. I encourage clients to set aside their strong emotions about their marital breakdown and to focus objectively on their real estate holdings (that is, the matrimonial home) - akin to a business transaction. This way, the needs of both parties can be worked through in a civil manner and conclusions can be drawn successfully, that is, whether to sell or have a different arrangement vis-a-vis their matrimonial home. Granted, it might be necessary to dispose of the matrimonial home due to financial constraints, but my signature process can help both parties agree, without acrimony, on the highest and best value for their home. Finally, if desired, I can assist these clients in locating appropriate homes for the next chapter of their lives.

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