Just Sold at Carina !

Funny how January is supposed to be a slow month for real estate - as we endure long nights - less daylight and of course weather that appears to cover the entire coastal spectrum.  Rain, snow, sun, cold - we had it all so far this year.

We just sold our listing at the Carina - 1233 W Cordova Street - in Coal Harbour at Waterfront Place.  This is a great example of how solid Vancouver real estate is - we had almost 20 viewings in the first 5 days of the listing and an accepted offer within the first 2 weeks.  From listing date to firm sale - 23 days.  That was with two other offers in the background waiting for the results of the first.  Mind you it was in absolute perfect condition, well presented to a show room level and well priced.  Timing is everything but the number ONE key to selling a home is pricing it right - from the start !   Read more here...

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Looking for a realtor ?  My next blog I will be focusing on what you should expect from a realtor when contemplating a sale of your home or looking to purchase in the Vancouver area. 

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