Kitsilano Open Houses Saturday December 1st and Sunday December 2nd



Happy December! I love the holiday season and everything that comes along with it. If you are thinking about purchasing a new home in the next 6 months I would urge you to at least get out there this December, we are still in a buyer’s market and there is some great properties to choose from.  

This weekend there is something to meet everyone's needs so find the property that suites you best!

This weekend’s open house breakdown is:

Saturday December 1st 

46 open houses

13 One bedrooms starting at $298,000

21 Two Bedrooms starting at $359,900

9 Three bedrooms starting at $749,000

3 Detached houses starting at $1,780,000


Sunday December 2nd  

43 open houses

19 One bedrooms starting at $288,000

13 Two bedrooms starting at $368,000

8 Three bedrooms starting at $810,000

4 Detached houses starting at $1,780,000


To view this week’s Kitsilano Open Houses just click the link below for either Saturday or Sunday. 

Most open houses are hosted between 2pm and 4pm but the times can vary so if there is a property you want to see you can call us directly at 604-209-1230 and we will confirm the time. 

If you prefer a private showing or can't make an open house let us know and we will arrange a time that works best for you!

Kitsilano Open Houses Saturday December 1st 

Kitsilano Open Houses Sunday December 2nd   

Happy house hunting this week!

For all of your Kitsilano Real Estate needs contact Morgan DuVernet directly at 604-209-1230!


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