Lower 5 year rate 3.69% Centum Pacific Mortgages, Vancouver, BC CANADA 604-219-9977

It's a beautiful day here in Vancouver today. The sun is out and the flowers are blooming and so are the newer rates coming down from the Lenders. After the Bank of Canada's rate drop of .25%, the Lenders have followed fast with their bank rates that affect Variable products, Lines of Credits. There is now a movement happening on the FIXED rates and they are coming down slowly.  3.69% for a 5 year closed, within 30 days. AMAZING rates!  Call me for more information about these rates or visit my website at www.choicemortgage.ca.  Doug Atkinson  604-219-9977, doug_atkinson@centum.ca  Centum Pacific Mortgages at 1385 Homer Street, Vancouver BC Canada   TWITTER:  dougatkinson

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