Marvin "Gardens" Barclay Helpful Tips for Selling Your Home. In this segment we will discuss interior paint.

Hello there, Marvin here with some ways that you will find helpful and inexpensive for the most part to prepare your home for a speedy sale. This is the start of a new blog series I hope will ultimately inform people in a non intrusive but informative straight to the point style.

       So you want to sell your home and I know what your thinking, all I need is a REALTOR® and he or she will do the rest. And for the most part your right. Usually they will give you some instructions on how to arrange your home and that you need to clean up and declutter.  But you already knew this of course, and they may tell you that a room needs extensive renovations and in some cases they are right but, you want to get the most out of it with out going into any serious renovation expenses. Here are the things that make some of the biggest differences.

       Usually one of the main and most obvious thing is the interior paint. But say you had it painted recently and there are just a few, easily overlooked marks. Well let me tell you from experience that nothing is over looked when a serious buyer is present. You also might say to yourself "oh they will probably will repaint it to a colour of their choosing" and you are absolutely right. That still doesn't change the fact that they will like or dislike the house by how it is perceived on their first visit. Many times I have shown a place and they barely get past the front door and decide to leave, without seeing the entire place. Now I am not telling you to go out and hire a painter, unless it is truly necessary. Rather I hope it is in decent shape and you can- A. Use a Magic Eraser for some of the smaller marks, B. Use a wash cloth with 409 or other multi purpose cleaners "especially around light switches and door jams" to get off any smudges or residue left by the touch, or C. Go to the Paint shop or a store that sells paint "Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc." Get the paint chips that closely match your paint tint. One trick is if your wall is pealing, peal a little off and bring that with you. or if your going to match the colour at home make sure you have a natural light type bulb fluorescent is best but do not use soft white. It will through off how you perceive the colour.  And remember it doesn't have to be perfect for it to get the desired results.

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