McLean's Restaurant of Gastown

If you haven't been down to Gastown lately, then you have been missing out. Over the last 5 years, there has been a quiet change in the neigbourhood. Slowly the area has evolved into a hidden jewel of the city. No longer will you find the tacky tourist shops up and down the streets. They have been replaced by boutique shopping, high-end furniture showrooms and the one thing that Vancouverites are spoiled with, fantastic restaurants. I had a chance to try a new one just the other day. McLean's which is owned and named after former Canucks goalie, Kirk McLean, has a great concept behind it.

Three options await you when you arrive. A quick lunch at the deli, a drink in the sports bar downstairs or just sit down to a great meal in the main restaurant. I chose the deli and what a treat that was! Freshly made chips, great ingredients and your sandwich is made in front of you while you wait. Visit the link to see what they have on the menu and get out and try something new.

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