Mona Lisa Floats in English Bay..

                                   What is that Ship???


Have you had an opportunity to look out towards English Bay in the last few days?  If you have you probably noticed something unusual.  A large ship has taken residence in the water just off the shores of the South side of Stanley Park.  At first glance the true identity and purpose of the ship seems unclear.  Is it a cruise ship, an old ferry, or possibly some kind of military boat? I couldn’t figure it out, so I did some research.

The ships name is Mona Lisa... it’s currently owned by Leonardo Shipping and operated under charter by Lord Nelson Seereisen.  The Mona Lisa was built in 1966 in Clydebank, Scotland as a combined ocean liner/cruise ship for the Swedish American Line.  It has changed names and ownership several times over its 44 years of operation.  From 2007 - 2008 Mona Lisa was refitted to become an educational vessel for The Scholar Ship international education program; a program that offered undergraduate and graduate semester programs during four-month voyages.  

Most recently, the Mona Lisa was chartered as a Peace Boat during the 2008/2009 northern hemisphere winter season.

So what brings the Mona Lisa to Vancouver waters?  The ship will be used as a floating accommodation at the Squamish port in British Columbia Canada for the duration of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  Up to 700 VANOC volunteers and officials will take up residence on the 660 ft, 29000 ton ship over the month of February.

 The Mona Lisa may be one of the first unusual sites in Vancouver’s Bay, but surely will not be the last.  Keep updated on all the unusual sites to be seen over the next couples here at

Go Canada Go!    




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