Mr. Jim Balsillie offers more money $$$ for the Phoenix Coyotes

Mr. Jim Balsillie Co-CEO of RIM the makers of the Blackeberry has increased his offer purchase to $242.5 million US dollars in his plan and dream of moving the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton, Ontario.  You can goto the web site and put your support behind this bid to create a 7th NHL hockey team in Canada.  Also you can read these two articles about Mr. Jim Balsillie's bid to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes one by the CBC and one by TSN at : and This is an very interesting story about the Phoenix Coyotes, the NHL, and Mr. Jim Balsillie.  I hope we get another NHL hockey team in Canada and I think Hamilton in Southern Ontario would be a great location to have the 7th Canadian NHL team. 


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