My personal journey to new beginnings

Anybody who has gone through an acrimonious divorce can attest that it felt like a death experience. When you’re at the bottom of the pit it doesn’t feel like a new beginning but it is a rebirth. Allow me to share a little of my own experience.

Reaching a settlement with my ex-spouse on asset division and child custody arrangements seemed easy (it wasn’t) compared to being a super mom - provisioning, cooking, budgeting, performing minor home repairs and maintenance, being mom+dad for the children when they were in my care, earning sufficient income to meet all the required expenses such as mortgage, taxes, car expenses, kids’ extra-curricular activities, birthday presents, etc. Managing the whole household alone is no small task in this expensive city.

Depression is also common among divorcées. I could not afford ongoing counseling sessions to help me heal so I had to turn inward and self-heal, which included reading many self-help and spiritual books. I also took basic meditation lessons and began practicing religiously every day, twice a day.

Meditation has great healing powers, a catalyst for positive change. Tandem skydiving, white water-rafting and camping also have been transforming experiences and wonderful ways to acquire self-knowledge and rebuild oneself.

It has been four years since I incorporated meditation into my daily routine and I no longer suffer from depression. Most days I feel light and focused, and am generally a happy, joyful and contented person. I am a strong proponent of positive thinking and strive to identify the silver lining in every situation, no matter how grim.

My divorce (death) and my self-healing process (rebirth) made me stronger and often fearless, as well as wiser, more patient and more compassionate. While devastating and painful to experience, with hindsight, my divorce was a key to new beginnings.

I am honoured to share my personal growth experience in the hopes of assisting friends and associates who are going through difficult times.

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