New Port Mann Bridge - Get 20 free trips!

The new Port Mann Bridge is now open. As a toll bridge, each crossing will be $1.50 if you register before 28 February. However, if you register your vehicle online by November 30, TReO (the official toll operating brand and registered trademark of Transportation Investment Corporation) will give you a $30 credit. For car drivers, that's 20 free trips!

To register your vehicle, click here now!



 Some information about the bridge replacement:

The former 5-lane Port Mann Bridge was built in the early 1960s when the area's population was 800,000. Today, it serves more than 800,000 vehicles in any given week. The bridge just wasn't able to accommodate the region's growth. In fact, the old Port Mann Bridge is congested up to 14 hours a day. By December, it will be a whole new story. The new bridge will easily accommodate the more than 2.2 million people who now call Metro Vancouver home - not to mention the additional 1 million expected over the next 30 years. All told, the benefits will be far-reaching.

Here are some benefits at a glance. The project:

  • includes 37 kilometres of highway widening from Vancouver to Langley, eliminating the bottlenecks along the highway that currently tie up traffic
  • includes a series of interchange and overpass improvements designed to provide faster, safer travel to and from the highway
  • will allow Rapid Bus service across the bridge - the first transit service on the bridge in a generation - connecting Langley to Burnaby in less than 25 minutes
  • means improved reliability. When the project is complete, and congestion is dramatically reduced, you'll be able to predict how long your drive will take, without having to leave an extra 30 minutes early just in case traffic is bad
  • means that a roundtrip from Langley to Vancouver will be an hour shorter than it is today and those drivers will use almost a litre less fuel
  • means that a roundtrip from Surrey to Coquitlam will take half the time it does today.

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