No, You Cannot List your Home on MLS by Yourself

Thanks to Don Lawby from Century 21 Canada for explaining the concent agreement CREA and the Commissioner of Compitition have come to.

See Don's message below:


Not a lot has changed in our industry now that the dust has settled and members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has endorsed the consent agreement with the Commissioner of Competition.

Certainly the changes are not what some in the media and the general public perceive them to be. For example, an interviewer on a national radio news show this week noted that many consumers seem to think they can just log on and list their own properties on

Not without a professional REALTOR they can’t. But that isn’t any different than it was before this agreement. The negotiated decision is a confirmation of what is currently being practiced in many areas of organized real estate across the country.

If a homeowner wants to have their property shown on a website that is related to organized real estate (real estate board website or, that property must be placed there by a member of organized real estate and not by the consumer. It’s always been that way.

The Commissioner and CREA have agreed that its rules, as well as those of its members, should not deny or discriminate against REALTORS wishing to offer mere posting services. CREA does not believe that such rules exist today, but if they do, they must be repealed or Boards will lose their license to operate under the MLS® trademarks.

Board MLS® Systems remain a member-to-member service designed to provide accurate and timely information critical to the delivery of professional real estate services to Canadians.

Now that the deal is complete, we can all go back to the important business of helping Canadians buy and sell their homes.


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