Feb 15 - For Valentine's Day we all had our Hearts glowing with GOLD from Alexandre Bilodeau and his family. How could one not shed a tear seeing him with his family. Tonight the medal ceremony will be WILD. I also was driving yesterday, the athletes to and from the Richmond Olympic Oval. Unfortunatley I did not have the chance to take the Canadian skaters :(

Driving for the athletes has a lot of waiting time as well. There are practices and events to take them to. However their schedule can change quickly and then I have to wait.

I had the chance to go to Live Vancouver in Yaletown last night. I walked the streets of Yaletown and saw the vice-president of the US and his mortorcade parked on the street. At least 15 motorcycle cops and ten cars and ambulance were his entourage. I don't think he made it to the fireworks!

The fireworks were great and they will be running them everynight during the games. I love watching all the people from out of country. Very excited to let them see the good side of Vancouver.


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