One Minute or Less

It only takes a minute or less to captivate or lose the interest when in the process of showing a property. When Realtors go on tour, they can view many houses in a one morning. It is a whirlwind tour that last about two minutes per house. Make this a rule of thumb when you are preparing to show your house. How is the first impression going to look to outsiders? There is only one chance to get it right. Your property cannot be all things to all people, but it can look appealing to the majority, and the majority is who it is being marketed to. Three tips;

  1. Keep it simple. Minimalism is unique skill and is very impressive in a showing. It is easily achieved by reducing clutter. Kitchen counter tops should be free of items like the coffee maker and the dish-drying rack. Just put these away when there are showings. You can always put them back out again afterwards. This theme should resonate throughout the home. Also try and keep any renovations that are done for resale, or reno-to-sell projects, to a minimum necessity. Not everyone will appreciate great designs, and the payoff may not be worth the money and effort.
  2. Keep it current. This is usually the case when you see older homes going on the market. Small upgrades like light fixtures and interior paint can usually be done with little expense. Bigger projects like flooring and siding may, or may not, be something to consider. Depending on your budget. If it is in the budget, get the floors to a current look. Old carpet is very noticeable, and red shag is completely out there as well. Most people look at the floor as soon as they walk in. They're looking at their feet so they can cross the threshold without tripping. The floor just happens to be there.
  3. Keep it consistent.If you have a theme, stick with it. Changing from one type of design to another is very distracting and will pull away the attention from all the value that your home has to offer. If the paint is in neutrals, then stay with the neutrals. If the floor planks are positioned east-to-west, then keep them laid like that for all the areas that have that type of flooring. Inconsistency stands out, and not in a good way.

Just practice these methods of preparing to show your home. When your property goes up for sale, it goes on public display. Show the public the best of what your home has to offer.



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