Pedal Power over Petrol - A twist on today's tours

I'm going green with a change of transport. Losing the car and picking up the bike is a great way stay active in a workplace that tends to take your time at the gym away in exchange for a front seat at the office desk. 

Recently I built a bike, oversized to match my height and have been riding round Vancouver's downtown core to jump between showings. It's easier than you think and I'll be honest it has its serious benefits, to list a few... No pay parking, quicker transport than a car, staying active and exposure... yes exposure.

When downtown I would ride past hundreds of cars each day, stop at red lights and be the target of the neighborhood 'people watchers' from the closest corner coffee shop. Vancouver loves its bikes! We all have one, many may not use it but most people have one. There are some pretty awesome bikes in this city, whether road bike, beach cruiser, mountain bike or vintage we all eye-out each other’s bikes to get ideas for our next pedal purchase.

This in mind I decided to be the fool and capitalize on Vancouverites’ people-watching/bike obsession and create a self-sponsored bike banner. It has only been a few days but I've been getting some pretty good feedback.

But the wheel doesn't stop turning yet. I'm making an effort to coordinate with my clients and organize my listing tours in a way that allows my clients and me the option to park the gas guzzlers and view the city and its listed properties by bike! This is especially beneficial for new buyers to the city. You can view the city from its bike routes and seawall, and what better place to see the big V than from the seawall. 

Vancouver is making an effort to change the way it's citizens move around the downtown core, adding bike lanes, designating roads as bike routes and more bike lock-up additions around the city. The way of the future is by bike and what better way to get with the times than finding your next home and touring this beautiful city on two wheels.

You don't have a bike? No worries! When meeting a client that wants to participate on a bike tour, but doesn't have a bicycle, the choices are endless. Within blocks from the Century 21 InTown Realty office, where I work, we have a multitude of bike rental shops, with enough selection to get any girl or guy a little giddy.

So if you’re in Vancouver and want to get with the times, view your next home with Jon Jones and his bike signs. Please feel free to contact me, for fun on two wheels while seeing the city!

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