Pitfalls when Selecting a Realtor to Market your Home

Selecting a Realtor to Market your home can be a tough decision. Daily we are bombarded by flyers, postcards and bus benches telling us to choose this Realtor or that...how do you know you are choosing the best Realtor for your home? The questions to ask are fairly straightforward: What kind of marketing do you do? How will my home be exposed? How well do you know this area? Below are the three question people often forget to ask and the three biggest mistakes people make when choosing a Realtor:

3 most forgotten questions:

  • 1. What is your communication strategy? As in any business or relationship communication is vitally important. Your Realtor needs to provide you with feedback from all showings-good and bad. Also there needs to be an open communication about upcoming plans, is there an open house this weekend? Do you even do open houses? When/how oftenshould I expect to hear from you?
  • 2. When I call will I talk to you, one of your assistants, your office or your voicemail? Almost everyone in Canada has a cell phone. When you dial your Realtor's phone number shouldn't you be able to talk to them personally?
  • 3. Is your goal to sell my home or get more business from the listing? The goal should be to sell your home-obviously-if the Realtor happens to pick up more business while doing so that is a bonus to them but you need to make sure they are looking out for your best interest.

3 most common mistakes made when selecting a Realtor

  • 1. You base your decision on an inflated price. If you interview three Realtors there is a god chance that at least one will promise you a selling price quite a bit higher then the other two. Is this because they are that much better then everyone else? No, this is what is called buying a listing, chances are they will ask you for a price reduction in a couple weeks...don't fall for this.
  • 2. You base your decision on compatibility. You are interviewing potential Realtors, not potential best friends. You need to view this as a business transaction, not a personality contest. That said, you do need to get along with the person because you are going to be spending a bit of time with them and it can be a stressful time. You need to walk the fine line between business and personal...this is why working with friends and family can also be very difficult.
  • 3. You base your decision on commission. Absolutely commission is important, but not as important as your bottom line. If someone charges you a higher commission but will expose your home to exponentially more Buyers through their marketing plando you think it is worth the money in this changing market?

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