Polygons Anderson Walk Staging

I recently sold a condo in Polygon's Anderson Walk in North Vancouver off Lonsdale and 27th. It is a great product and shows really well. There are 2 phases, one completes in February 2012 and the other close to November 2012. I was really impressed with the sales team at Anderson Walk and even more so with the display suites. They showed so well, my client and I got really excited quickly. The developer had taken staging to the next level. From built in wall cabinetry, thick textured wall paper, fireplace backsplash and murphy bed! The display suite screamed "WOW! I want to live here!!" However, that being said, it was a little confusing as to what was included with the purchase of the condo. I had to ask because a lot of the staging were fixtures and there for should come with the condo. I quickly learned that evertyhing I mentioned above was NOT INCLUDED and the condo would just be a blank canvas. Not that a blank canvas is a bad thing, it's only that, with this level of staging, in my opinion, the buyer is mislead to believe that this spectacular condo with all the built in's IS what he is buying. 

When cabinetry is built into the wall or tiles are slabbed above a fireplace and attached, i'm under the impression that this is the design of the home. I felt disappointed for my client that he got so excited about what looked like it was included but actually was just staging. At least he now has a good idea on how to decorate BUT I believe that this level of staging is taking it too far and can be quite misleading to the buyer. 

-Chantal Jan 2012.

Wood panels, mirrors, pot lighting NOT INCLUDED

Tile and wood paneling over and around fireplace NOT INCLUDED

Wood Paneling above bed NOT INCLUDED

Built in Murphy Bed into the wall NOT INCLUDED


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