Proud to be Canadian - Proud to be a Vancouverite Hosting the 2010 Olympic Games!

                           Now that the 17 days of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have come to a close, we lucky people of Vancouver still have much to be proud of enjoy 24/7, 365 days a year.

                            Kat Kam calls Vancouver a "city of perpetual change and natural wonder". This link will take you to a breath-taking view from a live web-cam, above the Burrard Street Bridge facing west-south-west toward English Bay. In the foreground is the beautiful Vanier Park, where you can find two of the cities best places to visit; the very popular HR MacMillan Space Centre & Planetarium, and the fascinating Maritime Museum. Hey Parents, if you don't already know, The Maritime Museum is a great place to hold your little pirates next Birthday Party!

                                                    THE WONDERS OF VANCOUVER                                           

                                                                     The Burrard Street Bridge

  • When the Burrard Bridge was opened on July 1, 1932, it was called, "A symphony of steel and concrete." 
  • It's a 5-lane, Art Deco, steel truss bridge, and cost Vancouver $3 million to build.
  • Thousands of pedestrians and hundreds of cars crossed on the first day.
  • The new bridge helped a great deal in relieving the congestion of the busy Granville Street Bridge, just a few blocks away.


  • In 1978, Vancouver Real Estate Broker, Percy Burr, then 89,  was quoted in The Province  as saying, "I promoted the building of the Burrard Street Bridge. Real Estate moves in cycles and you have to spot the trends ahead of the next fellow. I knew Georgia Street was going west, and Burrard was going to have a bridge move south. We needed a bridge, and I knew it would bring good prices for properties along Burrard. Granville Street was getting jammed. I jammed it up more, so when the vote came, it was favorable."
  • An on-going debate continues about the success of bike lanes on the bridge.         


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