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As the market increases buyers are finding that time is growing shorter as the race for low prices and low interest rates is quickly becoming more challenging.  It is good to find a place that you like and want but not to get swamped by too many choices.  It's important to keep in mind that the average time to live in any one particular residents usually is about seven years.  And there is always the option of renting you unit out in the future. So don't get hung up on being to choosy. Keep in mind that though your approved for x amount that it is a good practice not to take it to the limit if your a first time home buyer so you don't get buried under a high payment. It is always nice to have a little breathing room for that steak dinner or anything special you would like to do for yourself.

If you are looking at the possibly getting into a place. I am here for all your Real Estate needs and will help you through one of the largest transactions in our lives. Let my expertise work for your benefit!

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