Sears on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver closing soon

The Sears store on Robson Street at Pacific Centre is closing down in early October 2012.  Sears at Pacific Centre opened in 1999 once the Eatons department store shut down. Sears is also closing down stores in Calgary and Ottawa.  Once the Sears store closes down in downtown Vancouver rumours are that Nordstrom from Seattle will open up.  Head to the Nordstrom web site for further info I looked under the store locations and events header and then clicked on the looking ahead link but could not find anything about the new Nordstrom Vancouver Pacific Centre location.  Nordstrom would make a nice addition to the downtown Vancouver shopping experience as we don't have that many large department stores in Vancouver at all.  Maybe then we will also get Nordstrom Rack locations as well in and around Vancouver. 

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