Shaughnessy Heights

Shaughnessy Heights



Shaughnessy Heights is the most prestigious and historically rich neighbourhoods in Vancouver. 


Shaughnessy is an almost entirely residential neighbourhood in Vancouver, spanning about 447 hectares in a relatively central locale. It is bordered by 16th Avenue to the north, 41st Avenue to the south, Oak Street to the east, and Arbutus Street/West Boulevard to the west.

The neighbourhood was created in 1907 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, then the largest real estate developer in Canada. It was named after Thomas Shaughnessy, 1st Baron Shaughnessy, former president of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Its main streets were names of the CPR's board of Directors. In 1907, Richard Marpole, a general superintendent and executive assistant of the CPR, developed the prestigious residential area that would attract the Vancouver's upper class from the West End. The CPR hired a landscape architect and Danish engineer to lay out curving streets. Its lot prices were set by the CPR to be $1 000 higher than the standard $5 000 bungalow houses in the city. The goal of this was to set apart Shaughnessy's prestigious neighbourhood from the rest of Vancouver. The homes were of lush lawns, hedges and trees that line up the boulevard.


Thomas Shaughnessy

Shaughnessy boasts a higher-than-average proportion of heritage houses from the first half of last century. The eastern side of this area has two hospitals and the gorgeous VanDusen Botanical Gardens. Shaughnessy is the city's geographic heart, between Queen Elizabeth Park and Arbutus.


The neighbourhood boasts some very good schools as well. Shaugnessy Elementary School is probably most famous for being the school featured in all of the very popular "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" movies. There are also three Independant schools in Shaughnessy proper that offer a variety of educational choices. Little Flower Academy is a prominent Catholic School for Girls. Vancouver College is a University Prep School for Catholic Boys. And York House School, an all-girls' Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 School founded during the Depression.


And on the periphery of Shaunessy proper are a number of great schools of all kinds. Point Grey Seconary School is a public school with an emphasis on academics and most students go on to University. Quilchena Elementary School, or L'École Quilchena, is a K-7 school located in Kerrisdale, right beside Point Grey Secondary. Prince of Wales Secondary School is a public school well-known for it's outstanding Yearbooks. The Canadian Yearbook Review consistently ranks it amoung it's top yearbooks. And Maple Grove Elementary is a public school that offers both traditional and  Montessori style programs.

Shaughnessy is family oriented community with many beautiful homes, great schools and shopping areas. Its unique history and character make it a much sought after neighbourhood to live in.

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