Smallworks Laneway Cottages

I received this email from Smallworks today. I am really impressed with this company; they are doing very cool and creative things with small spaces.  


"At about half the price of our full-sized Laneway Houses, our new single-level Laneway Cottages have only marginally less living space and retain most of the amenities. Our building time is reduced by half and the municipal fees are slashed down to pocket change. Although more affordable, our work shall remain uncompromising in attention to detail and quality. The cottages feature custom millwork, stainless-steel appliances, radiant floor (or gas fireplace), and a space saving European style all-in-one shower/washroom."

Three new concepts from Smallworks:

#1 The 'SIMPLE' is 400 s/ft of basic living space with a gently sloping roof-line. This cottage has a subtle presence. The well-proportioned building with Asian-influenced eave details make a gracious little home. Floorplan options take advantage of the vaulted ceiling, and allow for a simple, calm space. Optional fold-away bed creates more daytime living area


#2 The 'MODERN' is 400 s/ft of contemporary living space with a double flat roof-line and separated sleeping space - the embodiment of West Coast modern living. This stylish and clean-lined home features a tall ceiling light-well, for an open, generous feel. Floorplan options enhance the possibilities for storage and introduce a retractable screen for sleeping space separation.


#3 The 'Elegant' is 400 s/ft of comfortable living space with a peaked roof-line. This model offers a classic exterior suitable for any neighbourhood. A dormer captures sunlight and ephasises high ceilings. Floorplan provides for a traditional separated bedroom layout for greater privacy.


For more info visit Smallworks website.   

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