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Is the Market Turning?

This home sold $650,000 over list price:

 Opportunity NEVER waits for the indecisive.


You never regret the things that you do. 

You regret the things that you don't do.




Why buy when it’s a buyer’s market?  It’s not rocket science.  Because it’s a buyer’s market.  That means that buyers like you have the bargaining power, you have the upper hand, you have the edge!


What is a buyer’s market?  A buyer’s market follows basic the law of supply and demand.  When supply is low and demand is high, it is a seller’s market.  When supply is high and demand is low, like this current market, then it’s a buyer’s market.  And this is when you as a buyer should capitalize!


It is a given that nobody wants to pay more than they should.  However, in reality people are afraid in buying in a down market fearing that they will lose money.  They are afraid that their friends will ridicule them when they buy in a down market.  And some might say “why did you buy now?  The market is going to slide further down”  Really?  Who knows? 


However, people are willing to pay way more when the market is hot.  They buy because other people buy and they don’t want to be “left behind”.  This my friends is called the “herd mentality”.  People by nature are followers and because of this human nature that they pay dearly for.


In real estate, buying in a down market like this is the best time to buy.  You can save thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, you have more choices due to the high inventory, and usually interest rates go down to rejuvenate the economy.


Who do you think sleeps more soundly at night:


The person who paid more in a hot market with a higher mortgage rate?


The person who paid less in a Buyer’s Market and with a lower mortgage rate?


So I ask you…do you like spending less?  Do you like saving money?  Then call your mortgage broker, get pre-approved for a mortgage and let’s start shopping for your home!


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