Staging Tips from HGTV

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN I say it 3 times because it needs to be 3 times cleaner than your usual "weekly clean". Dust, vacuum, clean the windows, and mop the floors. Make sure there are no odd odors floating around or major stains of the carpet or furniture. You want people to focus on the property, not your bad housekeeping skills.

DECLUTTER As overwhelming of a job as it may seem, it has to get done eventually. Think of it as a reason to pack early. Hide figurines, throw out junk mail, newspapers and magazines, file disheveled papers and put clothes, shoes, toys out of sight. Don't shove it all into a closet...buyer's will look there too!

NEUTRALIZE Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home. Make it easy for them by removing all personal items like family pictures and/or religious statues. Also, get rid of any loud paint colours, offensive wall coverings or over the top accessories. Paint the walls a neutral colour that will appeal to a majority of buyers and both genders.

FURNITURE ARRANGEMENT Remove all big clunky furniture. Oversized couches, chairs or coffee table have to go. Borrow some smaller scale furniture if possible, or perhaps your current stuff just needs to be cleaned or neutralized with a simple throw. Less is more. Create the illusion of lots of space.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! Call in a professional stager. Even if they just spend a few hours giving you some helpful tips or they come in to redecorate your entire space. It is money well spent and that will eventually end up in your pocket when you sell your home for top dollar! There are Professional Staging packages that fit every budget.


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