Storage Tricks for Small Kitchen Designs

Thinking of remodeling your small kitchen? You are not alone. According to the National Association of Home Builders, kitchen remodeling is the most popular remodeling choice among American homeowners. However, before you splurge on a luxury kitchen-remodeling job, consider cheaper ways to enlarge your small kitchen's design. Use these handy storage tips to get you started.


Mount Appliances Under Your Kitchen Cabinets

Microwaves, toaster ovens, and waffle makers can hog valuable counter space. Swap your bulkiest kitchen appliances for smaller machines, which you can mount underneath your kitchen's cabinets. Not only can cabinet-mounted appliances free up space in your small kitchen, but they often cost less than larger domestic devices.

Sky's the Limit: Using Vertical Storage Space

By installing extra shelves, you can clear space in your kitchen cabinets and drawers. You may set up shelving on a vacant wall, over a sink, or above an oven. Besides creating storage space, kitchen shelves can place cooking utensils, dishes, food, and spices within easy reach. In addition, you should consider putting lazy Susans in hard-to-reach spaces, such as deep kitchen cupboards.

Hang Your Kitchen Utensils

Try moving your wine bottles, pots, and pans to hanging racks. You might also hang your oven mitts and cleaning implements inside your kitchen cabinets. Also, you can imbed small hooks above your kitchen counter for ladles, large spoons, and spatulas. Lastly, stick powerful magnets on your refrigerator to hold knives and other metallic kitchen tools.

Check out home and garden shows to see the latest accessories for small kitchen designs. Besides high-quality kitchen equipment, home and garden shows may offer free seminars to help you find budget friendly answers to your kitchen remodeling questions.

Source: "Kitchens and Baths Remain the Most Common Remodeling Jobs," National Association of Home Builders


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