The $15,000 bathroom & the $0.04 photo

$15,000 POS Bathroom.jpg

This picture is of a $15,000 bathroom renovation in a condo in Greater Vancouver, problem is I can't see a thing... I guess this is a walk-in shower with a glass enclosure, maybe a granite counter, and a toilet perhaps?

Come on people!

You spent $15,000 on your new bathroom and this is the kind of photos being used to sell the property? WTH! If I am the owner of this condo then I am raging mad, My time, effort and money put into this (supposedly) gorgeous bathroom and this is the respect it gets from a 'professional' I am paying a commission to...I am sorry but my baby nephew could take a better picture then this.

Two part moral to this story:

1.  Demand the best from the Real Estate professional you hire to market your home

2.  Follow up with your Realtor. Check up on what they are doing and make sure they are earning their commission. If they aren't there are plenty of fantastic Realtors who will work their butt off to ensure you are happy and your property is exposed and sells for top dollar.

Craig Rushton, CENTURY 21 In Town Realty, Vancouver, 604.505.6503,

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